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Tips for An Easy Moves

In our quest to make your move as painless as possible, we thought it prudent to include a top ten tips page. Please remember though, for free and easy advice, but with the human touch, we’re only a phone call away:


Office Direct Dial: 020 8341 0000
Company Mobile: 07834 597588

Please find detailed below our top ten tips dedicated to help you achieve a stress- free relocation.

  1. Always make sure to read all relevant meters in the house you’re vacating.
  2. Remember to always defrost any fridges or freezers prior to your move, especially if you’re going into storage.
  3. Remember to let the utilities (gas, electric and telephone) know about your move. Also, tell the building society/bank, D.V.L.A. and friends of your new address.
  4. Always ensure that the utilities are connected to your new home a day before your arrival.
  5. Have the Post Office re-direct your mail to your new address.
  6. If you are packing your goods up yourself, always remember to label as you go; it’ll save time at both ends. Remember Easyshift’s packaging, is high quality and reasonably priced.
  7. Always make a thorough inspection of your goods with an appointed member of the Easyshift team once the move’s complete.
  8. Use some washing up liquid at the base of heavy items such as washing machines to ease them out to disconnect pipes so as not to rip lino floors.
  9. Always let Easyshift know if any details about your move have changed.
  10. Check that the door frame and corridor sizes of the new property are wide enough to accommodate larger items such as wardrobes and settees during your removal.

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